State Representative Application
Please complete this questionnaire to be considered for an SFx State Representative position.  

-This position is a 1 year commitment, renewable for up to 5 years total.  
-Every month this position will require 4-6 hours of your time and participation in two 1-hour calls.

View the full SFx State Rep position description: 

-Applications accepted through October 1st.  
-Notifications sent in December.  
-Positions begin every January.

Questions? Contact before completing the application.
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What is the size of your firm? *
Defined as the total number of full-time employees.  (i.e. 2 half-time employees equal 1 full time employee)
What sectors does your firm work in? (Select all that apply.) *
Does your firm have any niche or specialty that might help us in future resource development focus groups or media referrals? *
What is your position at the firm? *
Are you currently an AIA member? *
Why do you want to become an SFx State Rep? *
SFx is all about connecting people and resources. Can you share a time when you gave or received help from a peer? *
How would you define the Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion challenge for small firms? *
How would you define the Sustainability and Resilience challenge for small firms? *
Have you read the position description and feel comfortable with what the expectations of you will be?  *
(Optional) Have a recommendation letter?  Paste the text here (AIA components, former SFx leaders, etc.)
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