2019 TEDxMilpitasHighSchool Speaker Application
Apply to be a speaker at the 2019 TEDxMilpitasHighSchool Conference which will be held at Milpitas High School tentatively in May 2019 during the school year.

Our conference theme this year will be: Bursting Bubbles. Bubbles are symbolic of the stereotypes and societal constricts that we as members of society often feel limited by. We hope to encourage attendees to "burst" these "bubbles" and think beyond norms and broaden their horizons, to step outside their comfort zone and defy expectations.

We highly recommended that each applicant submit a short 2-3 minute video on why its important for her/his idea to reach the MHS community and how it relates to our theme.

Official TEDx rules for speakers can be found here: www.ted.com/participate/organize-a-local-tedx-event/before-you-start/tedx-rules.

Deadlines to consider:
3/1/19 11:59 PM - TEDx Speaker application window closes
[Speakers will be selected based on the quality of their responses and their ideas' relevance to our conference theme]

Good luck and we look forward to reading your amazing applications!

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