Goochland County Democratic Committee Officers Candidate Biography and Statement
Having trouble knowing what to include in your candidate bio?

Below are some questions that you may use to guide your submittal. As you write your bio, consider the members who will be educating themselves about you and why they should vote for you. We will be sharing your Bio with membership.

Thank you for considering running for leadership of the Committee and Good Luck!
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What are your priorities for the GDC and how would you advance a progressive Democratic agenda for Goochland County? *
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Describe how you will enlist the help of the new members and at the same time ensure the continued participation from longtime members. Also, how would you make the GDC a more diverse organization? *
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Describe the positions or involvement you have had with the GDC and/or other Democratic Committees, and how long have you been involved? *
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Let us know more about other talents and leadership skills or positions you have held, which would contribute to your effective execution of the job. *
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If you would like to submit a resume and any other pertinent information, you may send them the GDC at Make sure you put Candidate Materials in the subject line.
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