Clay_OHSAA_COVID-19 Monitoring Form
This is a required form for all athletic activities until further notice. This form must be completed by all participants (coaches, athletes, etc.) for each event and will be saved to be used if necessary to move to the next phase and/or if issues arise for tracing purposes.
Full Name *
Coach's/Monitor's Name *
Facility *
Check any and all that apply *
Temperature (report all temperatures & specifically report any temperature greater than 100.4) *
Anyone with positive responses on the screening and/or a temperature above 100.3 should STAY HOME and not be allowed to take part in workouts and should contact their medical provider. Click on the VIEW button after clicking SUBMIT to see if you are cleared. (This self-evaluation is for your benefit as well as your teammates and coaches. Summer activities are not mandatory. We want healthy athletes and coaches. It is better to be safe than sorry.) *
If you have any questions, issues, problems, etc., please contact your athletic director (740-354-6644 x205) or if issues with the facility, contact our facilities manager (740-280-2529).
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