Call to action: May 24 Global School Strike

Temperatures are soaring. Biodiversity is crumbling. Hurricanes and droughts are becoming increasingly violent. The air is becoming unbreathable. Sea levels are rising. Forests are burning. Our current model of society is bringing us to auto-destruction. Scientists made it explicit. We start noticing it now.

Today, we ARE in a situation of climate emergency. We, the youth, on behalf of future generations, require it to be acknowledged and treated as such: that means, treating the crisis completely, immediately and at its root! Some governments and municipalities have already declared the state of climate emergency, but we need words to be followed by the implementation of concrete measures and actions.

Already the climate and biodiversity breakdown is affecting people across the world in different ways. The richest countries have contributed most to the crisis but the poorest countries are suffering more, because of their greater exposure and the lack of finance to adapt. We will not accept a “solution” that only serves to protect the rich, and leaves the poor to suffer. We demand that global solutions to the crisis are based on principles of fairness and equity because no human life is more valuable or important than any other.

To manifest our vision of climate justice and make it turn into reality, we have mobilized!

ON MARCH 15, we were with more than 1.8 MILLION DEMONSTRATORS in the streets all around the world demanding a change that isn’t climate change. We achieved a feat deemed impossible by many.

And because there is still not enough being done, we’ll keep fighting and striking.

ON MAY 24, WE WILL RETURN TO THE STREETS, to protect our future.

This time, we’ve prepared A MASSIVE DEMONSTRATION COORDINATED AROUND THE UPCOMING EUROPEAN ELECTIONS. This voting will be central in determining the future. Demonstrations, both national and local, and specifically in four cities with EU institutions, will take place in front of major European institutions and national seats of power.

For this mobilization to be a major boost to the implementation of climate solutions, this international strike must resonate at all levels of Europe!

Bring your children, parents, grandparents, teachers, neighbors, and friends on strike on May 24th! Why study and work for a future that will soon no longer exist? It is time for us all to take responsibility and action.

Through this, our goal is to foster climate a central theme for European political debates. On the 24th, remember: “everyone has a choice. but not everyone has a vote.”


Join our strikes on May 24th!

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