Spring Valley, MN Community Input Survey
The City of Spring Valley is preparing a comprehensive plan. A comprehensive plan helps a community to define the vision, goals and aspirations for the long-term development or redevelopment of the community and to plan for future needs. The plan is intended to shape land use and transportation patterns, conserve natural resources, and identify needs for utilities, housing, parks and open space.

A comprehensive plan helps a city to identify community priorities and goals and provides an implementation strategy for achieving the identified goals. The plan is commonly organized into components that includes subjects like economic development, public infrastructure & services, existing & future land use, transportation, housing, open space, parks and an implementation strategy.

An important part to any community's comprehensive plan is public input. The following survey asks a variety of questions that will help the City of Spring Valley gather input in the areas listed above, to help inform the plan moving forward. Your participation is valuable, and we greatly appreciate your time in answering the following questions about our community!

In order to complete the survey online, a valid email is required. This is simply to verify the survey as a valid response, and prevent duplicate responses, and NOT to identify individual respondents. No additional personal information is required, and all responses will be compiled to review and use in analysis.

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Getting To Know You:
This section will help provide general information about the members of our Spring Valley community.
1. What is your age? *
2. Do you live within the Spring Valley City Limits? *
3. For Residents, which of the following do you remain in Spring Valley for? (Select all that apply) *
4. If you DO NOT live in the city limits, how many days per week do you visit Spring Valley?
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5. When you visit Spring Valley, what is the reason for the visit? (Select all that apply) *
6. How many people live in your household? *
7. If you are employed, do you work in Spring Valley? *
Community Character
This section will help the City of Spring Valley learn how the community views itself.
8. How would you describe the community "character" or "personality" of Spring Valley?
9. What are 3 things about Spring Valley that you would recommend to someone who was considering Spring Valley as a place to live. *
10. What is your favorite place in Spring Valley? *
11. What do you feel makes Spring Valley unique? *
12. What places located in or around Spring Valley would you consider a destination to visit or explore? *
13. What do you feel Spring Valley is missing? *
14. What do you think are the most significant challenges facing Spring Valley? *
15. How would you rate the overall quality of life in Spring Valley? *
16. Please select the 3 priorities most important to you in the future of Spring Valley: *
Housing in Spring Valley
This section will help to better understand housing options and needs in Spring Valley.
17. There is adequate supply of quality housing choices for people of all ages and incomes. *
18. More affordable housing options are needed. *
19. More single-family homes are needed. *
20. More multi-family homes are needed. *
21. More rental apartments are needed . *
22. More Senior Living options are needed. *
23. Underutilized and dilapidated houses should be updated to attract new residents. *
24. What do you feel are the strengths of Spring Valley's existing housing options? *
25. What do you feel are the weaknesses of Spring Valley's existing housing options? *
26. Where do you feel new housing for Spring Valley should be located? *
Economic Development
This section will help identify the needs of businesses located in Spring Valley
27. What type(s) of specific businesses or services would you like to see added or improved in Spring Valley? *
28. What is do you feel is the best way to attract new business and entrepreneurs? *
29. Do you think the city should: (Select all that apply) *
30. What role, if any, do you believe the city should have in the development of business and/or industry in the city? (Select all that apply) *
31. Do you make consumer choices based on the city that a business is located in *
32. How often do you shop for goods and services OUTSIDE of Spring Valley? *
33. Do you believe that basic goods and services are available for purchase/hire in Spring Valley? *
Healthy Communities
These questions will help identify how people feel about health and wellness in Spring Valley
34. I feel safe in my community during all times of the day *
35. I have access to healthy locally-grown / raised foods. *
36. I am within walking distance to parks, open spaces, and walking / biking trails. *
37. I have access to local healthcare providers that my household needs. *
38. I have access to quality schools. *
39. I have access to Arts and Cultural facilities. *
40. What, if anything, would entice you to adopt a more active lifestyle? *
Parks, Trails and Recreational Activities
This section will help to better understand outdoor recreational needs in Spring Valley.
41. City parks and trails meet my household’s daily recreational needs. *
42. The city's parks and trails are easily accessible for people of all abilities. *
43. Spring Valley’s sidewalks should be improved / extended. *
44. How often do you walk or bike on the trails in or around Spring Valley? *
45. How often do you visit a city / public park? *
46. If you visit a public/city park, is it for an organized activity? *
47. Are there amenities missing from the current city / public parks that you and/or your household desires? (Sports courts, ball fields, recreational equipment, other?) If so, please describe below: *
48. Do you feel safe walking in places that do not have sidewalks and/or trails? If not, are there specific location(s) that should have a sidewalk? Please describe *
Services in Spring Valley
This will help us understand current and needed services for Spring Valley.
49. How would you rate the quality of publicly provided services in Spring Valley? (Snow removal, sanitary sewer services, water services, etc.) *
50. Where do you look first to learn about community news and events? *
51. What mode of transportation do you use most often? *
52. Do you believe there are adequate childcare options located in Spring Valley? *
53. Do you believe that childcare is affordable in Spring Valley? *
54. Does the availability of childcare impact your choice of employment? *
54. Do you believe there are adequate supportive services for senior adults in Spring Valley? (For example, recreation, social healthcare, housing, active living, transportation, aging in place) *
Community Development and Community Perception:
55. Do you think that the City of Spring Valley is readily identified as its own unique place in the region? *
56. If you answered no above, what types of things could help Spring Valley become more recognizable? *
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