HYSA Coach Evaluation Form - Fall 2018
Dear Parents,
Thank you for your child's participation in soccer this season. To help us evaluate and improve the program please take a moment to complete this evaluation form regarding your and your child’s experience with Holliston Youth Soccer. Please rate the following statements and include any comments at the end.
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The coach was organized and prepared for practices.
The practice sessions started and ended on time, had the appropriate amount of intensity, and had an element of fun.
The coach had open lines of communication.
The coach was unbiased and treated everyone on the team fairly.
The amount of discipline the coach used was appropriate for the situation.
The coach was well prepared for each match.
The coach fostered and demonstrated a spirit of sportsmanship, ethics, and integrity towards opponents, officials and parents at all times.
The coach demonstrated a thorough knowledge of soccer techniques and tactics, and was able to teach these skills to the players.
The coach balanced the desire to win, with the ability to keep sports in perspective; using the game of soccer to teach positive character traits and life lessons to young athletes.
My child’s opinion about soccer has been enhanced by this coach.
My general opinion of HYSA, its coaches, board members, coordinators, and officials is that they run a high quality program that is an asset to the community, and the Town of Holliston.
Please include any comments to qualify further your evaluation of this coach.
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Please share what you and your child see as the major strengths of the program.
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Please share what you and your child see as the major weaknesses of the program.
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