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We are so stoked that you're interested in taking a course with Pitch Catch! You can use this form for any of our upcoming courses. All our courses also have video requirements, so in addition to filling out this form, you'll also need to email a link to your video to info@pitchcatchcircus.com. See the website for video requirements for each course. Please make sure to include your full name in the email with your video link.
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Our levels for spring and fall have changed a bit in that we are trying to make them more responsive to the skills of our students. Please fill in the matrix below to help us understand your current skill level.
Never attempted
Tried but can't do it consistently yet
Comfortable w/spotter or lines
Comfortable w/o spotter or lines
High Bird
Standing Foot to Hand
Standing Reverse Foot to Hand
L-basing hand to hand
Standing Hand to Hand
Standing Reverse Hand to Hand
Extended Foot to Hand
Extended Hand to Hand
Toe Pitch to Regular or Reverse Foot to Hand
Inlocate to hand to hand
Foot to Hand Tempos (regular or reverse)
Hand to Hand bumps (regular or reverse)
Banquine straight throws
Swing to Shoulder Stand
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If you are applying with a partner, please list their name:
For summer only -- do you have any experience with duo trapeze or other aerials? If so, please describe that experience (i.e. long you've done it, which discipline, partnering or no).
For Spring/Fall only -- which weeks are you planning to attend? Please note, we do not generally accept students new to Pitch Catch for weeks 4 and 5 only. Also, intermediate students must start Week 1 or 2 to be able to stay for Weeks 4 and 5. *
Address including state, country and postal code. *
Will you be applying for a fellowship, scholarship or work trade?
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If you are not applying for a fellowship/scholarship, how much will you plan to pay (please refer to the sliding scale below for the course you're applying to) *
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