Parent Engagement and School Effectiveness Survey
This information is being collected as part of a continuous effort to understand your experiences with teachers and staff at your child's school. Your responses will help us create better relationships among all stakeholders in the school. Your responses are voluntary and will be kept confidential. Please think about your child(ren) who attend this school and your experience with teachers/staff up to this point in time.
*Thank you for your valued feedback.
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Teachers and/or staff at this school treat parents as equal partners in educating children. *
I feel my input is valued by my child's teacher(s). *
Teachers and staff at this school really try to understand families problems and concerns. *
I feel my questions and concerns are resolved in a fair and appropriate way. *
I feel 2-way communication between the teacher and parent is important to my child's academic success. *
My child's teacher communicates regularly with my child. *
My child's teacher tries to help me understand how I can support and help my child learn. *
My home culture is valued at this school. *
I am greeted warmly when I call or visit the school. *
My child has a close relationship with at least one adult at this school. *
This school provides a safe learning environment. *
The school is efficient and clear with communication. *
My child receives support to help with school work. *
I feel my child is adequately prepared by their teachers for virtual learning if required. *
The schools on-site learning schedule from 8-12 is efficient, focused, and meets my child's academic needs. *
Overall, how do you feel Burr Oak Community Schools has served students and responded to state imposed restrictions during pandemic learning? *
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