Flags Over Flushing Subscription
Thank you for your interest in a Flags Over Flushing subscription. With an annual donation of $35 we will place a 3x5 (foot) American flag on a 10 foot pole displayed near the roadside of your home or business on the following holidays: Memorial Day, Flag Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, and Veterans Day.

This program is available to any residence or business within the borders of The Flushing Community School District.

If you do not live within the borders of The Flushing Community School District, please consider purchasing a subscription for a friend or relative (with their permission of course) as a gift.

The Flushing Band and Orchestra Boosters would like to thank you for supporting music in the Flushing Community. Your contribution will allow us to provide unforgettable musical experiences and lifelong memories to our band and orchestra students. These will include: PRIVATE LESSONS MUSIC CAMPS TRIPS UNIFORMS/EQUIPMENT LIFE-LONG FRIENDSHIPS

Your support will have a positive impact on every instrumental music student enrolled in Flushing Community Schools. Every new subscription will result in a $5 credit for a music student which assists each member in paying for their participation fees. Please make sure to include the student’s name on the form below to ensure your new subscription is credited to the student of your choice.

Please fill out the form below and send payment to:

FBOB - Flags Over Flushing
PO Box 99
Flushing, MI 48433

PLEASE NOTE - Your subscription is not active until payment is received.

Subscriptions begin on Memorial Day and will renew each year beginning on the Memorial Day Holiday. There are no prorated fees for subscriptions placed after the Memorial Day Holiday.

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Street Address (example: 1234 Main St.) *
Please enter the address of the residence or business your flag will be displayed at and where we should send correspondence to. If you are interested in purchasing a flag for a location you do not reside at, please see the "GIFT Subscription" section below.
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In case we have any questions about your subscription or preferred location of your flag. We would also like to keep you informed on changes or other information.
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Please enter "0" if you will only be purchasing a flag subscription as a gift for another location.
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Please choose a location near the road and close to the entrance of your property (drive way). Please also inform us of any obstructions such as electric pet fences or irrigation systems. Our PVC sleeve is inserted approximately 1 foot under the surface. The PVC sleeve will be flush with the surface and should not interfere with regular mowing of your property. If this section is left blank, your flag will be placed near your mailbox (where appropriate) or near the entrance of the driveway to your property. We may make a small mark on curbs to help us easily locate your sleeve for future displays. (ENTER "SEE BELOW" IF YOU ARE NOT DISPLAYING A FLAG AT THE BILLING ADDRESS)
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