Conway Street Park Workshop 2: North Plaza Design Concepts
Please share your feedback on North Plaza design concepts and the overall master plan framework. 
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Preserve Character
Reuse historic brick where possible, reflect existing aesthetics of the neighborhood and the park, protect the cherished quiet and green character of the space.

Enhance Accessibility and Functionality
Improve paved surfaces, sight lines, lighting, and seating. Improve connections within the park and between park and neighborhood. Creatively integrate old and new features to honor the site’s history while making it welcoming and usable for current residents.

Celebrate the Neighborhood
Design spaces and furnishings to support lively day-to-day use and special events or gatherings. Take full advantage of this unique neighborhood asset for a range of activities. 



A. Low-maintenance native groundcover and understory plantings to enhance habitat, capture stormwater, and mitigate noise. 

(Proposed around park perimeter in various key locations)

 B. Native trees and understory planting layers buffer noise and disturbance from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard

(Shown along the western edge of the park to fill gaps in the planted buffer) 

 C. Expanded gateway and social area at existing willow oak and circular seat wall.

D. Possible nature play area

(Shown in the northwest area of the central lawn)

E. Possible off-leash dog play area

(Shown in the southern end of the park, south of the paved path loop)

F. Preserve central lawn and all canopy trees, add movable seating or other furnishings if desired

G. New crosswalks and curb ramps at Conway Street

(Final locations of new crosswalks to be determined in later design phases)

H. See design concepts for North Plaza and lawn

Please share your thoughts on the initial Master Plan framework for Conway Street Park. What do you like? What are your concerns? What additional ideas would you like to add? 
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