Pre-course survey SOCI832: Advanced Quantitative Methods, 2019

This is a survey to help me to get to know you at little better before class starts.

1. YOUR HOPES AND PRIOR KNOWLEDGE: The main purpose is to help me understand what you are hoping to get out of the course, and also what your current skills and knowledge levels are.

I hope this will help me tailor the course to your needs.

2 .COMMUNICATION METHODS: Towards the end of the survey I ask about your preferred communication methods. You are under no obligation to provide any of these details if you don't want.

I provide these options because email is often quite ineffective for communicating with students these days.

In addition, often students require significant assistance with overcoming typos and error messages when they are learning R and R Studio, and this should make our communication easier.

3. GOOGLE DOCS: I ask for your preferred email address for accessing Google Docs because we will be using a collaborative Google Doc in class, and I want to give you all permission to access before class so we reduce the technical issues during class.

I look forward to meeting you all in class next week.

Nick Harrigan
Senior Lecturer in Quantitative Sociology
Convenor of SOCI832
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Given name *
Surname *
Student number *
Current degree and year (1st year, 2nd year) *
If you have a major, what is it? Otherwise type NA *
Gender *
Please describe a little about yourself, particularly any professional experiences, or interests which are relevant to SOCI832 or the social sciences. *
What motivated you to enrol in SOCI832? *
What do you hope to get out of SOCI832? Is there any particularly material you want covered? Skills you wish to develop? Knowledge you wish to acquire? *
How do you think you might use the skills and knowledge of SOCI832 after this semester (in your further study, work, or elsewhere)? *
How would you describe your ability to do the following tasks? *
PLEASE NOTE: You are NOT expected to have these skills. Many of these you will develop in this class. These questions are so that I - as the lecturer - know the range of experience in the class.
Not able
Slightly able
Moderately able
Extremely able
Use Microsoft Word for writing a letter or essay
Use Microsoft Excel to write a budget
Use SPSS for basic statistical analysis
Install R and R Studio
Use R and R Studio to create variables
Download and open a dataset in R/R Studio
Create a variable in R/R Studio
Change a variable in a dataset in R/R Studio
Calculate the mean and standard deviation of a variable
Calculate a correlation coefficient in R/R Studio
Run a linear regression and explain the results to another person
Interpret a regression table in an academic article
Run a factor analysis
Explain what mediating and moderating variables are
How would you describe your knowledge of... *
PLEASE NOTE: You are NOT expected to have this knowledge. You will develop much of this knowledge in class. These questions are so that I - as the lecturer - know the range of experience in the class.
A little
R and R Studio
Research methods (survey design, operationalising variable)
Statistics in general
Descriptive statistics (mean, median, standard deviation)
Comparison of means
Linear regression
Factor analysis
Logistic regression
To receive assistance with issues such as help with running statistical analysis outside of class, what is your preferred mode of communication? (choose all that apply) *
Your MQ email address *
Email address for accessing Google Docs *
Mobile number (if you want to use phone/WhatsApp)
Facebook messenger. What is your name on Facebook (if you want to use messenger to communicate) *
TEXTBOOK: Have you bought or downloaded from the internet (legally or illegally - I'm not going to judge) the textbook? I EXTREMELY strongly recommend this. *
The textbook is: Field, A., Miles, J., and Field, Z. (2012). Discovering statistics using R. Sage publications. The reading for Week 1 is Chapter 3.
INSTALLING R/R STUDIO: Have you installed R and R Studio on your computer? *
Please follow the instructions here (from SOCI830) for installing R and R Studio:
UNIT GUIDE: Have you read the SOCI832 unit guide (which is probably easier to read here on *
ANYTHING ELSE? Do you have any questions about the unit guide, or anything else about the course (or anything at all)? *
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