Dates and Commitments
Being part of Extreme Ballroom is a big commitment and we want you to be as aware as possible of the commitment you are making before you begin. Most of the commitments on this form apply to all teams, but there are some additional commitments for those on a medley (competition) team which will be listed at the end of the final section. Please carefully read and consider each item to make sure this is something you feel comfortable committing to do. On your registration form you will be able to indicate whether you would be willing to be on a medley team, whether you would prefer to only be placed on a show team, or whether you would rather just take technique classes but not have any of these team commitments. We have options for everyone and the purpose of this form is to help you make your best decision about participation.
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Age Group Classifications
Teams are organized according to grade level of the dancers. The name designations for each age group are as follows:
Mini: Pre-K through Kindergarten
Pee Wee: 1st-3rd grade
Pre-Teen: 4th-6th grade
Junior: 7th-9th grade
Youth: 10th-12th grade
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