School 2 Energy Leader Feedback form- Students
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*This questionnaire can be answered only if your teacher gave his/her prior agreement.

You have recently received a School 2 Energy Leader visit by an energy regulatory expert.
The International Confederation of Energy Regulators (ICER) hopes that this visit was a
positive experience.
To continuously improve this programme, we value your feedback. Thank you for taking
a few minutes to complete this questionnaire.
My teacher gave his/her prior agreement. *
When did you receive the visit? *
In which country is your school located? *
What age group are you in? *
Choose the appropriate option for each point. *
No. Not at all.
Not really
Yes. Definitely
Interesting and engaging
This visit helped you better understand energy issues
Do you think all schools should receive such a visit?
Did the expert share something interesting about energy or diversity with you?
Overall satisfaction for you
Suggestions: Do you have any tips for improvements you want to share (e.g. what was interesting, what could have been done differently, specific issue encountered)?
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