Learning solutions in Baltic organisations
We* want to know:
How do the organisations in Baltic make the decisions regarding people training and development?
What learning solutions are used in the organisations?
How do company executives view the role of staff development in an organization?
What stress management solutions are used in the organisations?

If you, too, want to know the answers to these questions, we invite you to participate in the research! In return, we promise to share the results at the end of the research! **

*Psychology and KBT centre “Intellego” and organisational development consultation company “BLEND consulting”.

** The survey is anonymous. The data obtained will be used only in an aggregated form. The participants of the research will have the opportunity to see the results electronically. In the end of the research an event, where the results will be summarised, is planned. Please, provide your personal information at the end of the survey, if you want to get your results and the information about the event.

If both surveys - “Learning solutions in Baltic organisations” and “Managers’ perspective on learning solutions” are done from one organisation, the company takes part in the lottery to win 10 free e-courses from INTEA ready-made e-courses supply (e-course themes will be coordinated with each individual company).

We invite you to do this survey! It will only take up to 10 minutes!

How important is the people training and development in the organization? *
Not important
Very important
The organizations people training & development policy is: *
The training strategy in my organization is primarily: *
In what way is the learning needs determined in your organisation? Please, indicate all the methods that you use to obtain information! *
How often do you assess the learning needs for your employees? *
What criteria do you have for determining the learning budget? *
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