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Thank you for your interest in helping the parrots in Phoenix Landing's adoption program move to new homes! This is an important part of the process, of course. Transport volunteers make a WORLD of difference to the parrots!
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I waive, release, and forever discharge Phoenix Landing Foundation from any and all claims or liability for any and all injuries or damages, including property damage and personal injury, whether to me or others, that might be incurred in the course of my volunteer service. As part of my volunteer service for Phoenix Landing, I may come into contact with animals and I understand that contact with animals carries a risk of injury by the animal. I also understand that because I may come into contact with animals and/or their cages/enclosures, I should discuss being vaccinated against tetanus with my physician. If my service involves driving, I affirm that I carry adequate insurance against liability, personal injury and property damage. *
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I am also open to being a bird drop off/pick up location (using social distancing and masks). What this means is someone parting with their bird may bring the bird and supplies to you, and after they depart, a foster home may pick up the bird and supplies from you.
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