2020 Lunar New Year with Gund Kwok Volunteer Sign-Up Form
Thank you for your interest in signing up to volunteer with Gund Kwok for Lunar New Year 2020 on Sunday, February 2, 2020! Please fill out this form to provide information about yourself and volunteer availability. We welcome as many volunteers as possible--feel free to volunteer with a friend!

Please mark your calendars carefully; we are counting on you to help (and very much appreciate your time)!

For more information about Gund Kwok, please visit http://gundkwok.org/.
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Are you available on Sunday, February 2nd, 2020 to volunteer with Gund Kwok for Lunar New Year? *
Please select the times you are available to volunteer. We would love to have as many full day or multi-shift volunteers as possible to help make everything smoother! Snacks available. *
If needed, would you be able to volunteer longer than the shift you indicated above? Any additional amount of time is welcome! *
Please rank your interest in the various roles available. We encourage you to select at least 2 First Choices. Some roles may have specific requirements. (Full description of roles: tinyurl.com/gklnyroles) *
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Not interested at all
Banner/Flag Carriers
Crowd Control Crew
Den Supervisor (ROLE FILLED)
Drum Cart Carrier
Equipment & Food Manager
Musicians: Cymbalists
Photographer (ROLE FILLED)
Runners (must be able to speak Cantonese or Mandarin)
Supply Cart Carrier
Happy to help in any role/way I can!
Additional Helpful Information
Can you speak Cantonese or Mandarin fluently? (to communicate with store owners/employees, audience members, etc.) *
If you have signed up with a friend and want to be assigned together, please list their name here.
Have you volunteered with Gund Kwok for Lunar New Year before? *
Are you a former member of Gund Kwok? *
How did you hear about this volunteer opportunity? (please give as much info as possible) *
For those volunteering all day, will you be joining us for the 10 course (!!) Chinese dinner after the event? *
Please list any other comments, concerns, or questions here. Thank you!
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