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The purpose of this application is for us to get a sense of your editorial experience and approach, and to begin to introduce you to our process. Many questions are based on a sample essay, which you can find here:

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Our goal is to create a strong network of active editors. We invest in our new editors, coaching them in our approach and ensuring that they feel comfortable and confident in our process. As such, we ask for a weekly minimum average of four hours of your time, from June 2018 to January 2019. We know that editors have busy lives and other time commitments, and we understand that you may take some time off during this period. With this understanding, please confirm your commitment below, and mark whether you'll be available to exceed this minimum commitment
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If you answered "Yes" to the previous question, please provide the name of the Prompt editor who referred you. NOTE – they can receive a referral bonus for sending you our way.
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Teaching experience is not requirement for our editors, but it is helpful for us to know if you have any of the relevant teaching experience below.
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