I want to be a part of the urban-rural pen pal program, American Neighbors!
Hi. I'm Lori. A year ago I helped match over 200 classrooms across America's alleged urban-rural divide. It's been such a wild success with the kids and the classrooms that we're relaunching in 2017-2018 school year. If you know or if you are a teacher, sign up (or have them sign up to below) to be a part of year 2!

If you sign up, we'll send you an update every 2 months or so, mostly of pictures and heartwarming stories of children being great and teachers being wonderful and America being ok.

When you join you get to be in the pool of matches AND you get access to the super duper secret cool teachers lounge American Neighbors Facebook group!

More about the program here: http://bit.ly/bustleurbanrural

Please forward to your friends and others who you think would be interested!

For press, contact lori at lori.e.white at gmail dot com.

~ Lori

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