Guild Application
Contact Diadochian, Blacktomato in-game if you wish after completing this form
CollieDoc#2634 Character link *
.Battlenet tag *
Tell us a bit about you and any relevant info. *
Whats your main spec? *
Are you capable of playing atleast another spec to an almost similar level? *
Notable progression in previous raid tiers? *
Are you planning on playing another character during BfA? *
Raid days are Wed + Mon 19.30-23.00. Are you able to commit to this fully? i.e. minimum 95% raid attendance. *
Can you provide a link to your UI? *
Are you adept, willing to analyse your logs to further improve your performance? *
Can you link a log to highlight your recent performance? *
What raid addons do you consider essential for yourself? *
We will be using Discord for our raids, are you able to use this? And are you vocal?
Would you be able to clear your schedule for the early days of BfA, to speed up max lvl and prepare for first BfA Raid? i.e. days off work / school. *
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