Women who Walked by Faith
There are 53 women in the Bible. They all have a story to tell. Some have a bold story to tell, while others have stories of heart break and sadness to share and still others have stories of how being a bit conniving helped them or their families in some way. While the stories are all different the one commonality is that these women all walked by faith!! In the course of this 5 week series we won't be able to meet all 53 women, but we will meet a good number of women and delve into their stories and learn how they walked by faith and how their lives may mirror or our own lives thousands of years later.
Please join me either Tuesday evenings Oct. 2nd - Oct. 30th or Wed. Mornings Oct. 3rd -31st to meet these women. Please invite any other friends, neighbors, family, friends that might be interested in meeting some of these women.
Suggested Donation $30.00 for this series.
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Location for this series will be Trinity Lutheran, Downtown Cedarburg **Please note that the days are Tuesday evenings - Wednesday mornings.
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