Internet Information Test
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The origin of the Internet was in the 1960's and was called *
Which of the following is not part of the Internet? *
Which type of connection has the slowest speed? *
ISP stands for Internet Service ? *
AOL, CompuServe, and MSN are examples of *
When choosing an ISP, you should consider all except *
Explorer, Firefox, Opera, and Netscape are types of Web *
This is a collection of Web Pages. *
The first page of any Web Site is named home or *
Which is NOT part of a URL address? *
Used to save a page in your browser that want to return to later. *
Google, Bing, and Yahoo Search are types of *
All are types of communications on the Internet except *
This online annoyance applies to E-mail. *
This online annoyance collects data from a user's computer. *
Conducting business over the Internet is called *
mp3 and wav are types of these files. *
MP4, AVI, WMV are types of these files. *
Jpg, gif, and png are types of these files. *
A virus or malware can be found and destroyed using all the following except *
This is used to upload web pages to the world wide web *
Which part is the DOMAIN NAME of a URL *
When the cursor passes over a hyperlink it turns into what? *
These are stored on a computer when visiting a web site and remembers personal information. *
When people attempt to scam other people into sending money or joining a chain letter this is called what?
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