SHOUT-OUT Order Form - Lovett Fine Arts Events 2018-19
EVENT deadlines for Shout Outs listed below

Honor a performer, crew member or instructor with a "Shout Out" this year! A special message or words of encouragement (25 words or less) will be printed and inserted into the performance program of the respective event.

The cost is $25 per message per event, and will be billed to your student's account. All proceeds benefit the Fine Arts programs.


- Jane Doe - Way to go, Jane!! We always love to see you on stage and are so proud of you!
Break a leg - we love you! Mom & Dad
- John Doe - Wish we could be there John- we know you will have a great show! Happy trails...
Your grandparents
- Jane Doe - Keep on shining, Jane! Spread your glitter everywhere you go. We are proud of you,
Mom & Dad
- Jane Doe - Congratulations to all and especially to Jane! Your family
- Jane Doe - Forget about your worries and your strife, and enjoy yourself! Glad I’m here to share it
with you. Love, Granny
- John Doe - We love you and are so proud of you! Your family
- John & Jane Doe - We are so proud & happy to see you perform together. Keep using your gifts to
bring joy to others. Much love, Mom & Dad

Eligible Fine Arts events for 2018-19 include: US Fall Play "Midsummer Night's Dream," LS/MS/US Fall Dance Concert, LS, MS & US Orchestra Holiday Concerts, LS, MS & US Band Holiday Concerts, MS Play "Check Please 2!", LS Choral Holiday Concert, LS Winter Musicals "Dear Santa," on December 18 and 19, US Musical "Footloose," LS, MS & US Orchestra String Spectacular Concerts, LS/MS/US Band Prism Concert, MS Choral Showcase Concert, LS/MS/US Spring Dance Concert, US Band Swing Concert, Kindergarten/1st Grade Spring Musical, US Spring Play, US Choral Showcase Concert, LS Choral Showcase Concert, 8th Grade Play, MS Spring Band Concert, LS Band & Orchestra Concert, and LS Spring Musical.

US Fall Play - Nov. 6
LS/MS/US Fall Dance Concert - Nov. 13
LS, MS & US Orchestra Holiday Concerts - Nov. 25
LS, MS & US Band Holiday Concerts - Nov. 30
MS Play "Check Please 2" - Dec. 2
LS Choral Holiday Concert - Dec. 3
LS Winter Musicals "Dear Santa" - Dec. 12
US Musical "Footloose" - Feb. 7
LS, MS & US Orchestra String Spectacular Concerts - Feb. 20
LS/MS/US Band Prism Concert - Mar. 12
MS Choral Showcase Concert - Mar. 27
LS/MS/US Spring Dance Concert - Apr. 5
US Band Swing Concert - Apr. 10
K-1st Grade Spring Musical - Apr. 17
US Spring Play - Apr. 19
US Choral Showcase Concert - Apr. 22
LS Choral Showcase Concert - May 1
8th Grade Play - May 3
MS Spring Band Concert - May 8
LS Band & Orchestra Concert - May 10
LS Spring Musical - May 15

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