AFP South Sound Mentor Application
Application Deadline for Mentors: May 24, 2019

AFP South Sound provides its members many learning opportunities to help them and the nonprofits they serve. One newer opportunity to do this is through our mentoring program.

The mentoring program matches knowledgeable, well-rounded mentors with individuals who are relatively new to development or are interested in learning more about a particular area in fundraising. One-on-one matches provide opportunities for focused discussions, problem solving and sharing the trials and tribulations of working in this dynamic (yet sometimes challenging) industry.

These relationships are meant to be career specific and not used or construed in any way as a consulting relationship. Mentors are encouraged to recommend appropriate resources i.e. courses, workshops, educational opportunities, vendors or consultants. The mentoring program is not a job placement service.

Mentee applicants will be matched with a mentor on a first come, first served basis until all of the slots are filled. We recommend that mentors and mentees tell their employers about their participation in the program. Both must respect that the information they share about their organizations is confidential.

Apply today for the mentoring program!

Mentor requirements for participation:
• Membership in AFPSS
• A minimum of five years of experience in various areas of fundraising
• Adherence to the AFP Ethical Principals and Standards
• A desire to share development knowledge and build mentoring skills
• A commitment to working with your mentee for 1 year
o Minimum of 4 face-to-face meetings, in addition to phone calls, and emails
o Joint attendance in 1+ AFPSS or other fundraising continuing education course
(in-person, webinars, conferences, etc.)
o Joint attendance at a local service club, chamber, or networking event

Interested? Complete the online application below.

If you have any questions, please contact Sue Loiland at or 253-381-4868 or Jennifer Wolbrecht at or call 253-223- 6745.

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