DGC Executive Board Application 2019
Please read the following before applying

Per the DGC constitution, Potential officers must meet eligibility requirements of active student membership (Chapter 1, Article II, Sections 1 and 2). All officers of this council shall possess (at the time of election and during their term) at least the minimum requirements regarding enrollment hours, GPA, academic and disciplinary standing, and financial and disciplinary holds to serve in a leadership position, as stated in the most recent version of The Golden Rule of the University of Central Florida. Officers who do not meet these requirements during their term shall be resigned or removed. Only student members whose organizations have regular member status are eligible for selection to an officer position. Additionally, the person running for election must have also gone to two general meetings prior to their nomination.

Applications will be closed off after April 1st at 11:59 pm. Please email your resume and letter of good standing to dgc@ucf.edu before April 1st, as that is the last day to submit a complete application. Partial and/or late applications will not be accepted.
Diversified Greek Council 2019 Election Procedures
● Each organization is required to have a least one person running for the Executive Board. If this is an issue, an email explaining the situation in detail must be sent to the current DGC President (dgc@ucf.edu) and to Timothy Donovan and Tiago Dovale (tim.donovan@ucf.edu and tiago.dovale@ucf.edu) by April 1 at 2:59 PM. Failure to do so will result in a fine.

● Once all the applications are collected, they will be emailed to all DGC Presidents so that each chapter can review them to prepare questions to ask the candidates based on the application.

● All candidates will submit an application form and letter of good standing. The application will consist of a statement of understanding (in regards to general office responsibilities), the candidate’s responses to the four questions asked, and a background statement/resume. All application information will be copied for every chapter.

● Applications will be checked in order to ensure that applicants are eligible to hold office: (i.e.: in good standing with their chapter, meet the 2.500 GPA requirement, meet DGC requirements as specified in the by the constitution. The current DGC Vice President will be responsible for making sure that applicants are eligible to hold office.

● Upon handing in the application, candidates will notify their availability to attend the day of elections. This day will be held with representatives from each sorority and fraternity. A minimum of 1 representatives from each sorority and fraternity will attend Election Day. If there is a problem with meeting the minimum requirement, an email must be sent to the current DGC President and Vice President by April 2 at 11:59pm.

● After each candidate has given his or her speech, the Executive Board will ask questions to the candidate. After the Executive Board ask questions, the floor will be open to organizations will have an opportunity to ask questions. Each organization will have one vote.

● Ballots will be counted and tabulated by the Graduate Assistant. In the event that there is a tie, the decision will go to the current DGC Executive Board members who are not running for re-election.

*** Please come and show support for both the outgoing and incoming officers***
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