Web App Development Client Sign-up - Spring 2016
For the past year, the University of Florida Department of Computer & Information Science & Engineering has partnered with local start-ups, university departments, and research labs to create well-tested custom interactive web app to suit the organizations needs in 3 months. Free of charge.

We offer this service through our undergraduate Software Engineering Course where our undergraduate Computer Science majors have an opportunity to learn the Agile Software Development process through creating web application with the Mean.js stack for real clients like you.

Students will be developing web applications - dynamic websites with database backends - i.e., anything that can be deployed in a browser. Since users can interact with the web content through a browser the content is device platform independent. Therefore content is available via computer/laptop, tablet, or smartphone irrespective of operating system. This prevents clients from having to create and maintain both an website and mobile apps for different operating systems.

Our services are free. Financially the client is responsible for the fees associated with final deployment such as web hosting and domain (website) name purchase and maintenance. These are common cost associated with having a website no matter how it is developed.

This collaboration has been a rewarding opportunity for both the clients and students.

We hope you will join us this semester and let us create a web app for your company.

Dr. Christina Gardner-McCune
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