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DIRECTIONS TO SAVE YOUR SPOT IN CLASS(ES): Fill out this form to save your spot in class! If you have questions, call or text 517-672-6102 or email After you sign up, Meg will manually add you to your class(es).

If you have multiple children, there is a space on the form to make a note of that, including if they will each be taking different classes.

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All High School Photography & Art classes (A-G/ VAPA & Non-A-G/ VAPA) are $350 per class per student per semester. The Creative Writing Classes are $197 per class per student per semester. Tuition for all the other classes is $300 per class per student per semester for students in CA charter schools and $350 for Niles students. Select the right option below: *
Do you belong to one of these charter schools? If yes, your tuition is covered. Just make sure you reach out to your school and follow their procedure. *
Parents, Please type your (not your child's) full legal name to agree to the terms and conditions: 1. After Meg receives your PO or Enrichment Certificate or your first payment, she will manually give you access to your class. The last day to drop the class for a full refund is 7 days from the date Meg sends you your welcome email. After that, no full or partial refunds are given. 2. If you are a charter student who drops the class or un-enrolls from your charter, you will still be required to pay in full unless your charter school covers full tuition. 3. If you want to transfer to another one of my classes, you can do so within the first month unless you're a part of a charter that has a rule against that. You can also transfer your class to another of your children anytime within the first month. 4. If more than one of your children are taking the same class, you must enroll and pay tuition for each student. 5. Meg Navarro / Megapixels School of the Arts has permission to share photos online of your child's art along with their first name and age. DIRECTIONS: Please type your full legal name as a digital signature of agreement to pay/use charter funds and agreement to the terms listed above. *
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