Sales Organization Assessment
Section 1
Do you think that the sales rep should plan his time himself? *
Do you think sales rep should be self-motivated
Should the motivation system cover all aspects of sales rep motivation?
Can the sales team work without a manager / leader?
Can you say that the price of the product / service critically influences the outcome of sales negotiations?
Would you be able to increase the number of sales with a lower price of the product / service?
Would you be able have more / higher sales if you increase your sales rep base salary?
Can a sales rep without the training with the product / service close a deal?
Do you think there is a trait shared by your sales team that prevents them closing more deal?
What is it?
Your answer
Do you think Sales training is useful?
How often do you think sales training should happen?
Do you think sales technique / training related public events are useful?
Do you watch YouTube sales technique related videos or similar?
Do you think reading books on sales techniques worth the time spend?
Do you think it is the right approach to let sales team participate in sales training on its own?
Do you participate in sales training together with your sales reps?
Do you know the number of deals in your pipeline and their size now?
Do you know who has the best pipeline among your sales reps?
Do you know why?
The increase in sales is more than 10% each year?
Is the target market for your product different from similar products?
Section 2
Do you have one or more sales funnel stage with less then 10% pass / conversion rate?
Do you have sales reps that cannot cope with the number of leads they have?
Can you current sales team handle more leads?
Do you have leads "that came themselves"?
Leads "that came themselves" count 10% of all leads or more
Is your sales cycle more then 2 month?
Do you have one ore more sales stage that are noticeably longer then others?
Can you please share more?
Your answer
Section 3
Is there a sales funnel stage that stops 90% of your leads or more?
Do sales reps mention price as a critical factor for closing the deal often?
Do sales reps offer discounts often?
Do you have a sales step that often require then 3 follow-ups?
Do you have evident "sales champions" in your sales team?
Do you have people who always ask for more leads?
Can you say that product presentation takes more then 50% of time spend talking to a lead?
Do you think that a typical day of your sales rep is well organized?
Do your sales reps work late hours often?
Can you say that your sales rep often push back deal closed ETA?
Do your sales reps make commitments as to the number of deals closed?
Can you say that sales reps talk about the number of deals opened / closed during the sales meeting?
Do your sales meeting take 45 minutes or more?
Can you say that your sales reps spend more than 50% of time managing existing customers?
Do your sales reps have more then two leads that are referrals or acquaintances in their pipeline?
Can you say that there is one or more benefit that sales reps always mention when talking to customer?
Section 4
Can you get data on your key KPIs (leads, conversions etc) in 5 minutes or less?
Can you predict this month / next month sales results with 20% error or less?
How many monthly reports your sales reps have?
Can you leave your sales team for 10 days or more without attention?
Can you check your work e-mail only once in 2 day?
Do you have sales reps that do not follow the process?
Section 5
Can a sales rep calculate his monthly salary and bonuses on 23rd day of a month with a 20% or less error?
Do your sales reps ask for more leads?
Do your sales reps have back office support for non-sales related tasks?
Can you say that your sales rep often have unexpected urgent tasks?
Can you say that key leads / customers sometime wait for reply longer then they should?
Can you say that each sales rep knows the list of his key customers?
Can you say that each sales rep knows the list of his key leads?
Section 6
Can you say that your sales reps often do urgent tasks, not important ones?
Do sales reps prioritize leads based on sale / revenue amount?
Do you have a list of criteria used to qualify a target lead / customer?
Can you say that sales reps have 60% or more of the next week planned on a regular basis?
Do your sales rep exceed plan / quota often?
Are your sales rep too relaxed in the beginning and or in the end of the reporting period?
Do they discuss their plans / customers with team leader / manager often?
Section 7
Do you risk loosing 20% of new sales or more if your best sales rep leaves tomorrow?
Is a regular case when you cannot hire a new sales rep for more then 1 month?
Do you think the market can offer enough quality talent for you to grow sales team?
Does new sales rep learn product and process from the experienced sales rep?
Do you offer monetary or other compensation for new sales rep onboarding?
Do you know how much additional revenue 1 dollar invested into your sales today will generate in 3 month?
Do you know the overall cost of "deal lost" per lead?
Do you usually get more then 50 CV for your sales team openings?
Are you looking for some specific knowledge and skills when hiring sales reps?
Can a new sales rep make regular plan / quota in the first month?
Can a sales rep close the deal without detailed knowledge of your product / service?
Do you have internal sales team handbook?
Do you update internal sales team handbook on a regular basis?
Section 8
Please let us know your contact details so we can get back to you with additional questions to complete the assessment..
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