Donaldson Hygiene Product Drive
For the holiday season, JCMP is partnering with the Donaldson Correctional Facility for a Hygiene Drive that will create gift bags for the inmates at Christmas Time. The men rely on these gifts for the entire year or have to pay exorbitant fees to buy similar items from the commissary in the facility. In asking your friends, family, and institutions to help, it will not only help the men but also be an entry point to discuss our unjust system of mass incarceration within the county.

JCMP has worked with these incarcerated individuals over the past two years, teaching them about our county's history and hearing their opinions on our system of mass incarceration. You can read their work on a blog on our website. To start, I'd recommend the essay Biography about growing up in Birmingham and the poem Black Me. For more information, you can read the recent report the New York Times completed on Alabama's prisons.

The drive will run through Monday, December 18th.
If you're interested in helping out, we're looking for drop-off sites where people can leave their donations
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