AHCC Resolutions - Transmittal Addresses
For 2019, draft resolutions must be e-mailed to ahcc.resolutions@gmail.com by 11:59 PM HST on SEPTEMBER 15.

Please enter the transmittal addresses for each recipient of your resolution using this form. The form allows for up to six (6) transmittals (see rules below). Once you've entered all recipients and have fewer than six, click "Next" until you reach the end of the form, and click "Submit" when you are finished

Each resolution must be submitted with a transmittal address for each recipient listed in the last BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED clause of the resolution. The resolution sponsor is responsible for providing accurate and complete transmittal addresses, and certified copies of resolutions will only be mailed to the recipients listed. If no transmittal address is submitted, the resolution sponsor will be responsible for transmitting the final certified copies of the resolutions.

NEW! Electronic format of final resolutions. Starting this year, the default format for final resolutions will be an electronic PDF file to be transmitted by e-mail. You must request certified hard copies when you submit your draft resolution if you prefer them over the electronic copies.

Up to six (6) certified copies of each resolution will be transmitted to listed recipients at no charge. A fee of $5.00 per certified copy in excess of six (6) will be charged to resolution sponsor cover additional postage and materials costs, and the fees for additional copies must be paid to the AHCC prior to the close of convention. The maximum number of transmittals per resolution is ten (10) (excluding the standard transmittals to government offices listed below).

1. The Governor of Hawaii
2. State Senate President
3. State Speaker of the House
4. State Senate Committee on Hawaiian Affairs
5. State House Committee on Hawaiian Affairs
6. Office of Hawaiian Affairs Chair of the Board of Trustees
7. All County Mayors.

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