Phardus Network Token Airdrop Form
Phardus Network Token Airdrop Form

Offical website:

Token Details
 Name : Phardus Network Token
Smart Contract : 0X7A784FC4B6B53DB57263AA7E4732390D217BC82B
 Symbol : PNET
 Decimal : 8
 Type : ERC-20
 Total supply : 10,000,000,000 PNET

Donate To Us
We will appreciate your Donations. Your Donations will be rewarded with PNET tokens and will be used in development.

1. Donate a minimum 0.01 ETH to smart contract address below and receive your reward tokens instantly.
Contract Adress: 0X7A784FC4B6B53DB57263AA7E4732390D217BC82B

0.01 Ether = 500,000 PNET Tokens.

More Donations will be rewarded with more tokens.

2. Donations less than 0.01 is also accepted. Please send it to the contract creator address and can get your tokens with in 24 hours.

Contract Creator Adress: 0x902d89bBcb5B2fdD32740D52A724232768ba9cBf

• Gas Specification Stated Below.(Please be careful, don’t pay high fees)
• Gas = 100.000
• Gwei = 7 or more (Check it please:

For Details:medium

• Earn extra 50,000 tokens for each friends you refer!
• Airdrop will end till January 15th.

Complete the tasks below:

1) Follow the official twitter :
2) Retweet pinned post :
and tag 5 friends
3) Join telegram ann. channel :
4)Follow us on Medium and give 20 claps to posts related to Phardus Network Project. :

* Earn extra 50,000 tokens each friend you refer!
* For more details, please visit: Medium link:

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