Saffron Stitched Commission Application Form
Commission Status: OPEN. 

*** CURRENTLY prioritizing applications for dice trays and pot holders. However, if you select the option below for other items on the price list and I'm caught up on commissions you will be contacted. ***

Thank you for your interest in a custom sewn item! Making unique custom items can be such a fun process! How long it takes to get to your application is dependent on how many I receive. 

There is always a waitlist and therefore I will prioritize commissions that meet these criteria. 
  • You are enthusiastic about your commission 
  • Your application is specific about what item and fabric themes you would like used  
  • You are following me on social media for ease of communication . 
Please do not apply for a commission unless you are excited to work with me to create a custom commission as there are folks waiting.

The commission item list and prices can be found here: 

Fabric is limited to what I have in stock. 
  • PLEASE do not scroll back years on IG and expect me to have much older fabric. 
  • My fabric varies from day to day. 
  • It is best if you provide me a theme and I pull fabrics I have in stock that match that theme. 
  • I will pull up to 8-10 fabrics based on your theme. If it goes beyond that the price will increase. This limit also includes the amount of fabrics you can send to me from my social media feeds to check if they are in stock. 
  • My fabric is almost all spooky, witchy, or dice themed. I do not carry any licensed character fabrics.
Commissions are purchased through a reserved Etsy listing once we have agreed on fabrics and price. 

** Filling out this form does not guarantee I can complete your project. **

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Currently only accepting the below commissions. 1 dice item per person. Pot holders can be a matching set (same fabric for both). Select which design are you applying for:
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Please describe the item, including potential fabrics for the project. You can include links from my Etsy/IG to fabric choices or items here as well.  Fabric is limited to what I have in stock. 

Please do not scroll back years on IG and expect that fabric to be in stock. Fabric stock varies from day to day. It is best if you provide a theme and I pull fabrics in stock that match that theme. It is okay to send specific fabrics you want. However, what I don't want to have happen is you send me fabrics over and over and I keep having to say I don't have those. This is an inefficient use of both of our time. You will get overly excited about fabrics that I no longer have. 
Is this for yourself or a gift? *
Do you need it by a specific date/time frame? Please put the timeframe below. Please note this is for my reference only, I can never guarantee a commission by a certain date. *
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Would you like photos of the commission to be posted to Instagram when complete? (If your account is private you will not be tagged.) *
I have read the above info as well as the linked Commission Price List at for information and more details. *
By completing this form I acknowledge filling out this form doesn't guarantee my commission will be accepted. I also understand that there is no specific time frame for my commission and it can sometimes take months for a batch of commissions to be completed. Please enter "yes" below. *
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