The 2nd Servas East Asia Online Meeting-Servas Japan SDG action-2022-Jan-23
Dear Servas members from East Asia and worldwide,

Happy seasonal greeting to you all. We do hope that you and your love ones are well and healthy.

One of Servas main ideas is getting to know different cultures around the world and promoting peace worldwide. This is being achieved since Servas has been established by visiting other places and being hosted by local members.

Unfortunately, Covid-19 is preventing us from traveling and visiting other places. So, while trying to see how Servas can still be active, we East Asia National Secretaries (NS's) from China, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Mongolia and Taiwan came up with an idea - organizing online meetings, each time by another country/National group from East Asia, which will present their local cultural topics.  

Following this, the East Asia NS's are honored and more than happy to invite you to our 2nd organized online meeting, which will be conducted by Servas Japan, presenting SDG (Sustainable Development Goals by United Nations) action on Jan. 23th.    

Due to the rules of Zoom and the meeting platform we use, we are limited to 100 participants. Our policy is first come, first reserved. If registered members are over 100, you may be invited to join us through a YouTube live at the same time. Please see the Zoom meeting details and fill in registration form below.

Thank all those who have helped to organize this meeting.

Looking forward to seeing you with us.

In peace and friendship

Mei Wang
Servas Taiwan NS / East Asia Area Coordinator

1. Meeting theme:
Servas Japan SDG actions  (Sustainable Development Goals)
- speaker #1 Tomoko HIRAI about kimono remake - Goal 12 "Responsible consumption & production"
- speaker #2 Shigeko TAKADA- gardening in the balcony - Goal 3 "Good health and well-being"
- speaker #3 Takao ASAKURA - bee keeping - Goal 15 "Life on land"

2. Language: English

3. What is needed to be prepared: welcome to show your SDG actions in small group discussion

4. Date & Time:2022-Jan-23 (Sun.)
20:00~22:00 (Japan/Korea time, UTC+9:00)
19:00~21:00 (China/Hong Kong/Mongolia/Taiwan time, UTC+8:00)
11:00~13:00 (London time, UTC+0:00)
06:00~08:00 (New York time, UTC-5:00)

5. Timetable:  (According to Japan/Korea time, UTC+9:00)
19:30~20:00 Zoom meeting room open
20:00~20:10 Meeting Starts/ Welcome (Mei Wang, East Asia Area Coordinator) / Group photo
20:10~21:30 Introduction (Suwako NAGATA, Servas Japan NS)
                       SDG actions (Tomoko HIRAI, Shigeko TAKADA, Takao ASAKURA)
                       Questions & Answers
21:30~21:50 Cultural exchange by Zoom small groups discussion
21:50~22:00 Summarize and Closing (Mei Wang)

6. Meeting sites:
-Zoom (The link will be sent to participants by email on the meeting day.)
-YouTube live (Channel: SERVAS TAIWAN, Direct Link: )
*Note: the channel is already active now, but the live broadcasting will begin when the meeting starts.

7. Participation limitation:  
-Via Zoom – 100 members (Please fill in registration form below.)
-Via YouTube live – no limitation (Do not need registration.)

When participants are over 100 persons, you will be invited to join this meeting by YouTube live without taking part in a small group discussion. We will inform you on Jan. 22nd if you are not in the Zoom meeting list.

*For East Asia countries members:
The total number of East Asia members to join the zoom meeting is max 75 which will be allocated according to the quota of each country in relation to their number of members.  After the registration dead line, all registrations will be sent to NS of each country/national group and the NS will indicate us who are the approved ones.

*For Servas members worldwide:
25 Zoom meeting spaces are reserved for you. First come, first reserved. We will inform you the result after registration deadline. If you couldn't join the Zoom meeting, please join via YouTube live.)

8. Registration expiration:2022-Jan-15

9. Sponsor: Servas Taiwan (Zoom account provider and operator)

10. Technical Requirements:
-Install Zoom/Zoom App at your computer/mobile phone
-Basic knowledge about using the zoom application
-Make sure you have a working camera and microphone

11. Notes:
-Meeting content and time table might be changed and adjusted due to unforeseen or future requirements.
-Photos, videos and audio will be recorded and documented along the event time. These may be presented or used with non-profit purpose in Servas media applications.

12. Contact us: email: 
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SDG (Sustainable Development Goals by United Nations)
Presenters / Speakers Introduction
(1) Suwako NAGATA 長田 寿和子 - National Secretary of Servas Japan
Thank you very much for giving us such a good opportunity to share at the East Asia online meeting. Servas Japan would like to introduce SDGs practical examples. Our earth is endangered because of many problems like global warming, conflicts worldwide, deterioration of quality of lives and so on. I have found many Japanese members are aware of these problems and some are actually practicing SDGs. I have introduced these examples in our newsletters. It is a very good chance to show some of our SDGs practical examples, too. The 3 presenters have very good examples on SDGs. I hope you are also interested in SDGs and put into practice. We have to pass the earth as a sustainable state to our next generation.
Ms. Nagata with her hand-made mini kimono and tapestry
(2)Tomoko HIRAI 平井 登茂子
I live in Kyoto with my husband. My hobbies are gardening, handicraft and calligraphy.  I feel very happy to do calligraphy,  listening to the classical music, or to work in the garden under the warm sun. Kyoto is a historic city. We have many tourists from all over the world. Many Servas guests visit us. I am enjoying my life with them. Nowadays, there are many damages caused by climate change in the world. Much effort has been made around the world to create a carbon-neutral world. I’d also keep in mind such a life and want to leave a rich earth in the future. I’m looking forward to seeing you at this Servas online meeting.
Ms. Hirai with one of her hobbies - the Art of Calligraphy
(3)Shigeko TAKADA 高田 繁子
I live in Yokohama, a western suburb of Tokyo. During the period of high economic growth, the population flowed out to Yokohama and Saitama city. My condominium has a small balcony in each individual room. I love gardening even though my balcony is small. There is nothing like balcony gardening for my happy life in the future. The goal of my life is to live in harmony with nature in the city. I also enjoy a weekly conversation with American ladies of SERVAS member and two Japanese friends at Zoom on-line meeting. Preparing a slide show made by Power Point app, it makes up for my poor English. My friends give some encouragement to me. I hope my English conversation is better than before.
Ms. Takada with beautiful rose blooming in her balcony garden
(4)Takao ASAKURA 朝倉 隆夫
I live in southern Kyoto with wife and my mother. I’m full of curiosity and always spend a lot of time surfing the internet to know new words or new things in my daily life. I also participate in lectures for the elderly about Japanese history and culture with my wife several times a month. We love visiting temples and shrines. We are involved in volunteer activities to teach Japanese language for Technical Intern Trainee from abroad every Wednesday night. It’s a little tough but we get energy from them. We have been keeping Japanese honey bees for two years now. We enjoy eating bread with homemade honey for breakfast every day.
Mr. Asakura with bees box where he got homemade honey
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