Animatic Con 2019 Attendee Feedback
Thank you for joining us for Animatic Con 2019, we hope you had a great time with us over the weekend! We would like to take this time to ask you to fill out the form below to give us your opinions of the con - what you love, what you didn't like, and what you'd like to see in the future. Every answer helps us learn what our community wants to let us give you the best lineup we can.
How many days did you attend? *
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Which guest(s) were you most excited to see during con?
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Which panel(s) were you most excited to attend?
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Was there a panel you attended which left you disappointed?
(If so please explain why.)
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Did you attend the cosplay contest? *
Do you have any feedback pertaining to the Cosplay Showcase?
(EG: about the scheduled time, seating, presentation, etc.)
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Did Animatic Con provide the type of content you are interested in? *
Were you aware of the 2019 Exclusive Animatic Prints for sale? *
If there was Exclusive Animatic Con merchandise in the future would you purchase it? *
Please take a moment to tell us what type of Exclusive Animatic Con merchandise you would purchase.
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Were you aware of the paper schedules located by registration? *
Were you aware descriptions of every panel were available to view on the website? *
Are you interested in a paper program for Animatic Con? *
(A small physical booklet with the schedule, panel descriptions, and potentially other information you can carry with you during con.)
Between a paper program and the online schedule, which would you use more often? *
Do you like the hours of the con each day?
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What content would you add to a future lineup? *
(EG: live music, TV show topics, comic panel, workshops, etc.)
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What types of future guests would you like to see? *
(EG: game designers, streamers, musicians) You may list names if you have suggestions.
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Did the number and variety of vendors appeal to you? *
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Did the number and variety of artists appeal to you? *
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Any additional comments?
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