Longarm Quilting Service
Longarm Quilting service intake form. Please fill out all information in the fields below. If you have any questions, please feel free to email madebeayoutiful@gmail.com before completing the intake form. I look forward to working with you!

*Completion of this form does not initiate contracted service. Once your submission is received I will contact you for more information in regards to the quilting services you require.

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Pricing Information
Edge to edge quilting services start at $0.018/ square inch. Example pricing: a 54" x 60" quilt is 3,240 sq. in total. The base cost for this is $58.32. For extra dense quilting, the price will increase to up to $0.02/ square inch.
There is a thread fee of $5.00 per quilt.
Quilts will be returned via UPS and tracking information will be provided upon shipment. If you wish to have extra insurance added to your package services, please indicate the value you would like insured. Invoice to be paid before quilt return shipment is made.
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If extra insurance requested, please indicate amount below.
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Please tell me about your quilt! Include colors, themes, batting choices, and fabric types. Anything you would like me to know about your quilt top should be included in this space, ie this is for a child, this will be hung on the wall, this quilt has sentimental value, etc. Pattern name, special brand of fabric used? Please include if there are any parts of your quilt that will require special attention, is one side of your quilt top shorter than another? Is there an area that needs a little flattening out?
Communication Expectations
I will always strive to completely and clearly communicate with you in order to provide the best quality of service possible for your quilting desires. I am available by email, text, phone call, or video chat. I will share progress with you on your quilt to be sure that you are satisfied with the results. Please note that phone calls and video chats will require prior notice. Sending your quilt away can be a scary process and I want you to be as comfortable as possible with your artwork in my hands. I do not take for granted the privilege that it is to be able to work with you on your quilt!
Would you like to text, call, and/or video chat? Please provide a cell phone number (If you do not wish to text, call, and/or video chat simply type no in the blank below and we will communicate solely by email.) *
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Customer Expectations
Please press and square up your quilt top prior to packaging. Be sure to include backing and batting in the package as well.
Trim all stray threads from the back of your quilt top. These measures help to ensure a quality product is returned to you. Excess thread could show through your quilt top. Bulky or unpressed seams could contribute to improper stitching by the machine.

Quilts to be sent in with backing fabric at least 4" larger on each side, this means your backing should be 8" wider and taller than your quilt top. Batting should be at least 3" larger on each side.

Your quilt will be returned to you in a sealed pouch to prevent any excess wear and tear during the shipping process. This will then be packed back into your original packaging, or similar packaging, depending on the needs of your quilt. There is no extra charge for this. It is simply to ensure your beautiful artwork is returned to you in great condition!

I would love to share your quilt on social media! This may include progress shots, full top pictures, and potential videos of your quilt. If you would like to be tagged in these pictures or videos, please include your Instagram handle below.
Participation in social media sharing is optional. If you do not wish for your quilt to be shared on social media, please type NO in the box below. If there are any extenuating circumstances ie, you would like to share but this quilt is a surprise don't share until..., please include this with your Instagram information below.
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