💀 Metalesque Fest 2023 Staff Application & Waiver 💀

Please fill out this form if you are interested in being on paid staff for Metalesque Fest 2023. Please review the info and fill out the form. We have combined the application and waiver into one form so that IF you are hired, you have already read, understand and have signed the waiver.


YOU WILL RECEIVE AN AUTO EMAIL ONCE YOU FILL OUT THIS FORM, PLEASE DON'T DELETE IT! It contains important info about the shows that you may need to reference later.

We will email you as soon as we can once the applications close. We get a lot of applications for staff positions, and we have limited positions available! We cannot guarantee a position for all applicants.

We pay all staff a flat fee (amount listed by each position below) on show night.

We do NOT ask performers in the show to tip you out, and we ask that you also refrain from asking for tips.

We do NOT offer guest list spots for staff. If you want to attend a show night that you are not working, you will need to purchase a ticket (unless you are also booked as a performer).

When you are booked to work the fest, you will be added to a private Instagram group we have for the Fest staff and performers.

You are invited to attend our brunch for staff and performers on Sunday, October 8. More info will be posted in the IG group.

Below are descriptions of available staff positions. Please review them and be prepared to choose which ones you are interested at the bottom of this survey.

Show nights are:
Friday, October 6 at Dantes in Portland OR

Saturday, October 7, at Mission Theater in Portland OR


Door person: ($40 flat fee payment) This position is only available for NIGHT ONE at Dantes. Earlier call time. You must sit there at least one hour before show time and through the entire intermission. (bathroom break is ok once the show starts.) You will be working closely with the Seating Assistant. This job is for a patient person who does not lose their cool! There will be a line. You are checking in people who have purchased tickets, you are accepting payments from people who are buying tickets. You are marking down how many tickets you sell at the door. We ask that you have experience doing door.

Seating Assistant/Tip Tart: ($40 flat fee payment) We will be hiring multiple people for this position. PRE-SHOW: You are standing by the door person and helping people find their seats as they enter, telling them where VIP seats are, where GA seats are, etc. You should wear flat shoes and a comfortable outfit and be able to go up and down flights of stairs. You may need to verify people have certain seats by asking them to show you their ticket purchase confirmation on their phones. DURING THE SHOW: You will be quickly going through the audience after each act, collecting tips for every performer and then delivering those tips to each individual performer right away, so that you are ready to collect tips for the next performer. You will be moving quickly the entire show and will only get a break at intermission. You may have to go up and down stairs. Please be willing to dress up (comfy/flat shoes are helpful) and work the room very quickly.

Merch Sales Assistant: ($40 flat fee payment) You are stationed at the merch table before and during the show to help people find the right size or item, make sales, give change. 

Raffle Sales: ($40 flat fee payment) You will sell raffle tickets pre-show and during intermission. Please be willing to dress up (comfy/flat shoes are helpful) and work the room! You must be very outgoing and be a salesperson for this job, willing to ask people multiple times to tip or buy raffle tickets. There will be a printout of raffle items on each table, so you will not have to explain the prizes. You can just say “read the info and I will be back around” to customers. You will need to make cash change and ask for them to show you proof of purchase on their phone.

Stage Kitten: ($40 flat fee payment) You will be helping the stage manager set up and pickup for every performer, going up and down the stage stairs, and doing some lifting of props. Please be willing to dress up (comfy/flat shoes are helpful).

Music Player ($40 flat fee payment) You will need to arrive early pre-show to review the music playlist with an SOTB producer. You are sitting in the sound booth with the venue’s staff and following along with the show flow, pressing play/stop for each musical act. We ask that you not drink alcohol before or during the show, since this job requires that you pay close attention to what is going on on stage.

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Duties of Staff

As a staff member in any program or event of 2023 Metalesque Fest, I recognize and acknowledge there are certain risks of physical injury, and I agree to assume the full risk of injuries, including but not limited to death, damages, or injury to my person or property (or loss of property due to theft) that I may sustain as a result of participating in any activities connected with or associated with such a program or any class associated with the Fest.

I hereby represent and warrant that:

I have the physical ability and skill necessary for my staff position and do not have any limitation, condition, or problem which would inhibit my ability to participate properly and safely. 

At all times when performing my job, I agree to limit my activities, as appropriate for my level of conditioning, skill, and experience. 

I agree not to take any unreasonable risks while performing my job or to cause any other persons present to take or be exposed to any unreasonable risk or harm. 

If I choose to interact physically with audience members during programs or events of 2023 Metalesque Fest, I agree to assume the full risk of injury to that person or persons that I incur; including but not limited to death, damages, or injury to their person or property that may be sustained as a result of my actions. 

If I become aware of any unusual hazard during the shows, I will immediately stop what I am doing and bring such hazard to the attention of the nearest 2023 Metalesque Fest volunteer or employee, official or representative immediately. 

Furthermore, I agree to follow any policies set by 2023 Metalesque Fest  and its venue, officers, agents, volunteers, employees, and independent contractors and agree to take full responsibility for my behavior in addition to any damage I may cause to the venue facilities, equipment, or staff.

I give consent and permission to 2023 Metalesque Fest and its representatives, as necessary in their discretion and judgment, to obtain on my behalf any emergency medical attention and treatment in case of sickness, accident, or injury and to secure such medical attention and treatment at my sole expense. 

Drug and Alcohol Policy 

As a staff member in any program or event of 2023 Metalesque Fest, I recognize and acknowledge that illegal drug use and overconsumption of alcohol at any program or event of 2023 Metalesque Fest is strictly prohibited. Although it is a legal medicinal and recreational drug in the State of Oregon, I understand that the consumption of marijuana IN ANY FORM on the premises of the venues hosting events of 2023 Metalesque Fest is banned. I understand that vaping is also prohibited. I understand that if I am caught breaking these rules, I will be asked to leave the venue immediately and will forfeit payment. 


Waiver and Indemnification 

I agree to waive and relinquish all claims I may have as a result of performing or occurring in the period before or after any performance against 2023 Metalesque Fest and its officers, agents, volunteers, employees, and independent contractors including claims arising from defects in the venue facility, defects in equipment, or the negligence or willful actions of 2023 Metalesque Fest or its venue, officers, agents, volunteers, employees, and independent contractors. 

i further agree to indemnify and hold harmless the 2023 Metalesque Fest venues and 2023 Metalesque Fest and its officers, agents, volunteers, employees, and independent contractors from my claims resulting from injuries, including death, damages, and losses sustained by me that arise out of, in connection with, or in any way associated with the activities of this performance, the use of the facilities or equipment provided, or occurring in the period before or after any performance. 

agree that in the event that 2023 Metalesque Fest is required to defend against a claim made by me, my heirs, agents, personal representatives, or assigns that 2023 Metalesque Fest shall be entitled to all reasonable attorney's fees and court expenses resulting therefrom. 

This Agreement shall be effective and binding upon my heirs, agents, personal representatives, and assigns. 

Photo and Video Waiver 

I understand that Sign of the Beast Burlesque / Metalesque Fest is a for-profit organization that promotes dance as an art form to the community at large. As such, articles, brochures, videos, and websites may be used commercially, promotionally, or educationally and may include images/videos of 2023 Metalesque Fest performers or other participants in our programs. 

I hereby permit the use of my image in photo/video form without limitation, whether photographed, videotaped, or otherwise recorded for use, in Sign of the Beast Burlesque/ Metalesque Fest commercial, publicity, or educational materials. These materials include, but are not limited to, photos/videos of performances, staff, email, and social media blasts, Sign of the Beast Burlesque/ Metalesque Fest internet webpage, newsletter, and social networking sites, and various other publications. I understand and agree that my photo/video may be used to promote future events that I am not booked for.

This waiver may be revoked in writing at any time by you and Sign of the Beast Burlesque/Metalesque Fest will no longer use your image as described in any future publications if you so choose, but the revocation will not be retroactive, and Sign of the Beast Burlesque / Metalesque Fest shall have no obligation to remove your image from prior publications and postings made before the written request. 

In addition to the photos taken at Metalesque Fest 2023 events, I have provided the producers with an image or images for pre-show promotions. I acknowledge that I have express permission from the photographer to use these images and to allow Metalesque Fest to use them as well. 

I hereby permit the use of these images for the same purposes outlined above; and I recognize and acknowledge that the images may be cropped or altered for use by Metalesque Fest; including the addition of the show’s watermark.

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