Blockdata project submission form
This form can be used to submit a project to our platform.

It is important that you understand that this does not mean your project will be listed on our platform.

The conditions for us to list:
- The project is using blockchain or to do with Blockchain
- A working product (can be "in development" or in "alpha")
- A website
- Active team members

We do not accept submissions:
- Projects without a product but are in funding mode
- Projects that do not use blockchain technology

Data will not be shared, once we have put a profile live we will send you an email for you to review.

Why be listed on Blockdata?
We are the go to resource for companies and investors who are looking at blockchain solutions.

We are not only aiming to track tokens, dApps, platforms but also projects that are using blockchain in their company.

If you submit data and the project meets our requirements, you will get pro access to our platform for 1 month.

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