The 2018 "Free 5 Day Art Marketing Challenge" with Teena Hughes is now open!

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Ready to kick-start your marketing to find new potential customers?
I am creating a no-cost "5-Day Art Marketing Challenge" to help artists understand some simple marketing techniques, and providing daily techniques and processes via email.

If you'd like to understand a little bit about how to do your own marketing on a shoestring, and why it's important, I'd love to help you kick-start your efforts :-)

After you join the Course, you will have 5 LESSONS to be completed over 5 days. Each day you can follow the steps to do a new Task on that day -- something simple -- and after the 5 days my hope is that everyone might be less fearful of marketing - I've got my fingers and toesies crossed!

Note: For my first couple of 5 Day Challenges (starting in September 2017), I set up a Facebook Group so we could all encourage each other and maybe pick up some tips and suggestions along the way. Unfortunately this didn't work out -- the majority of the Students were too shy to share anything, so for 2018 we're doing a different daily exercise.

For each daily task, I'm going to ask each Students to post a link to their Task completed online (on their website, Twitter, Facebook (NOT in a private group), Instagram etc) so that I can go SEE and make suggestions or recommendations if they're needed. This is also a way to keep accountable.

Start Date: Today! :-)

If you'd like to sign up for the Challenge, please do fill in the form below.

I'll get back to you with the details of the Login page -- so keep an eye out in your inbox!

Looking forward to helping as many people as I can - woohoo!!

Ciao ciao for now, more soon!!
Teena xo //
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At the END OF THE 5 DAYS, if a Student has completed the 5 Daily Tasks, added 5 x links to the Form [one at the end of each day of the Course] and I can view and evaluate them, I will be ever so happy to provide a Certificate of Achievement.
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