Ask your State Rep to take the Mass Power Forward Policy Pledge!
350 Mass and our partners in Mass Power Forward are gearing up for the final push as the House prepares for negotiations with the Senate on our legislative priorities. By asking our state reps to take the Mass Power Forward policy pledge, we are asking them to publicly renew their support for our policy vision. This makes it harder for leadership to claim that their membership will not support more progressive policies.


Hi can I speak to a staffer in Rep X's office?

I'm a constituent and I'm worried that the House will not pass the best legislation it can to address climate change this year. So far, the proposals offered by leadership have been extremely underwhelming.

That's why I'm asking Rep X to take the Mass Power Forward policy pledge and work to do everything in their power to show pass the MPF policy framework.

We need a Renewable Portfolio Standard that gets us to 50% renewably by 2030.

We need to ensure solar access for low-income residents and to codify environmental justice protections into law.

We need to create new intermediate emission reduction goals between now and 2050 and we to ensure that ratepayers aren't forced to pay for more gas pipelines along the way.

Right now, the House is doing none of those things, though they have the framework to get it done. Please take the pledge and make sure it happens. We will remember who didn't.

Here is the link to the pledge that representatives can sign:

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