Highland Reading Friends Application
Your commitment to the students of Highland:
1) Commit to work with one child for the school year.
2) The minimal commitment is 30 minutes a week, at least 2 times a month, but 30-40 minutes once a week is ideal.
3) During that time you can have your student read to you, you read to him or her, and you are a friend that shows care and attention to that child.
4) Attend a training session and become familiar with the information in the Orientation Packet with which you will be provided.
5) Complete a background check at a cost of $11, paid directly to a third party company under contract with Highland Reading Friends through University Baptist Church.
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Reading Times:
2nd grade 10:25-11:10am
3rd grade 12:45pm-1:30pm
4th grade 1:35pm-2:20pm
5th grade 2:25pm-3:10pm
3rd-5th grades 8am-8:30am Thurs / Fri
ESL 8am-8:30am Thurs / Fri
*ESL (English as a Second Language) students are those who are not yet proficient in the English language and who are learning the English language.

Please use the questions below to indicate your 1st, 2nd and 3rd choices of the time and grade level you prefer to visit:

First Choice:
Second Choice
Third choice
For training, my best day and time to go is
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List the languages you speak and your level of competence (basic to fluent).
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I have a friend who wants to be a Reading Friend. Please email information to the following name and email address:
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Give a little background in terms of your general interests & activities, interest in this program, what you are doing now (school/work/etc.) and experiences you have had that would help me place you with a student. What do you enjoy reading and learning about?
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