Playa del Fuego 2022 Coordinator and Volunteer Recruitment
Hooray! Thank you for expressing your interest in joining the leadership team to help plan Playa del Fuego, or for nominating someone who you feel would be a great addition to the team.

At this time, we're specifically recruiting for a number of Coordinator / Co-Coordinator roles for the PDF 2022, and to identify additional people who want to help out, but perhaps not in a leadership role.

Coordinators and Department Leads get a reserved ticket to PDF 2022, maximum one reserved ticket per person

Minimum General Duties of a PdF Department Coordinator:

TL;DR Responsible for all aspects of their department: before, during, and after the event.

Responsibilities Include but are not limited to:  

**Familiarity with the department or be proactive in becoming so

**Ability to delegate responsibilities to a team of co-coordinators and/or assistant coordinators, as the coordinator sees fit

**Prepare all required documentation for the department including a department Afterburn Report, updating and maintaining a department operations document, department inventory, and any department specific documentation such as safety plan, city map, parking guide, how-to guidelines, etc.

**Agree to sign and adhere to the Social Media Agreement

**Prepare for and participate in event organizational meetings

**Develop volunteer schedule and recruit volunteers to fulfill department responsibilities

**Manage, document, train, and prepare department volunteers as needed, including before and during the event (varies per department needs)

**Fill vacant volunteer shifts when efforts to fill the shift have failed

**Create and manage Departmental Budget and submitting it on time

**Acquire budget items and assure their transportation to the event

**Maintain budget receipts and submit them to the Finance Liaison/Treasurer in a timely manner for reimbursement

**Save the organization money whenever possible

**Communicate and collaborate with event leadership, the FirePony board, and other department coordinators/leads as needed

**Read and participate in the event email distribution list and organizational communications in a timely manner

**Use online tools and resources such as email, mail-lists, Google Docs and calendars, Zoom, and Slack to communicate and manage tasks for the event

**Be onsite pre-event and post-event to set up and break down your department, as needed per department, if needed.  Basic infrastructure is provided by the Department of Public Works (DPW)  

**Prepare and submit an After-Burn report for your department within the timeframe given

**Coordinators attending the event must provide proof of COVID vaccination as required by all attendees

Note:  community members that have been removed from a prior volunteer position or have been banned from attending any FirePony event at any time are not eligible to participate as a Coordinator or Department Lead

Playa del Fuego has a unique culture known as the Planning Committee, which radically includes everyone in the community. To participate in the Planning Committee, one simply decides to - by joining the Planning Committee calls. PdF presents a unique opportunity for burners to develop leadership skills and become involved in the Burning Man community with various levels of involvement.

The Planning Committee for Playa del Fuego 2022 is calling for Innovative, Self-Motivated, Self-Organized, Collaborative, Burn-Loving DOERS who will step up and commit to the creating a new post-COVID PDF at the Tamaqua PA site, by coordinating or helping to coordinate a department team!

These roles are 100% volunteer positions and come with a reserved ticket.  

The following department teams are currently seeking leadership:

===========  ART GRANTS:  
The Art Grant Committee reviews art grant applications and awards grant funds to help artists build the amazing art of the city. This team’s responsibilities include managing the art grant process before the event and working with artists on-site. Committee members should expect to review art grant applications and attend a number of conference calls to discuss submitted projects. This team primarily collaborates with Burning Arts for all burning art applications and with City Planning for art placement.

Positions available:   Committee members

This department is responsible for creating and maintaining the Burn Line Perimeter around Burning Art on burn nights.  This team collaborates with Burning Arts, Conclave, and Rangers to create and manage the Burn Line.

Positions available: Co/Assistant Coordinator(s)


========== MEDICAL ON CALL
This department is responsible for stocking the First Aid station and recruiting On Call Volunteers. We’re trying something new this year at First Aid!  We are moving the First Aid station to 100% self-serve with a specialized Medical On Call Volunteer to be on call and available by radio.  Medical On Call is not required to physically be at the First Aid station during their shift(s) and only need to respond to radio calls for triage. This team primarily collaborates with Rangers and Sanctuary.

Positions available:  Coordinator and On Call Volunteers

========== MOOP:
This department is responsible for MOOP in public spaces.  The MOOP coordinator works with MOOP volunteers to conduct a daily MOOP sweep of public spaces, such as the porta potties.  This team primarily coordinates with Participation Station as a meeting place for volunteers and trash storage throughout the event.

 Positions available: Coordinator

========== PARKING:
This department is responsible for parking operations and creating a fun atmosphere for parking volunteers, and manages the RV and on-site parking process prior to the event. The team is critical to making the event happen. We are looking for multiple people to join a well-established team, including a coordinator or two for earlier entry in the week to assist with the setup and tear down of parking lots. This team primarily collaborates with City Planning prior to the event and partners with DPW, Gate and Greeters to plan and conduct parking operations onsite.

Positions available: On-Site Co/Assistant Coordinator(s)
We have 2, looking for at least 2 more to share the load!

This department is responsible for promoting volunteerism in general, recruiting volunteers for understaffed shifts while on-site, and managing the online volunteer schedules and Volunteer Reserve Ticket Program.  This team collaborates with most departments to develop volunteer schedules, fill understaffed shifts, and with the Ticketing team regarding reserve tickets prior to the event.

Positions available: Co/Assistant Coordinator(s)

========== RANGERS:
This department is a first-response team responsible for de-escalation of conflict using the FLAME method (Find Out, Listen, Analyze, Mediate, Explain) as well as emergency management.  This year we are implementing targeted Ranger shifts with a Ranger On Call during non-shift timeframes to reduce the burden on Ranger leadership.  This department primarily coordinates with First Aid On Call and Sanctuary.  

Positions available: Co/Assistant Coordinator(s) and On Call Volunteers

==========  SANCTUARY:
This department is responsible for creating and maintaining a safe and calming space for distressed burners onsite, who do not need medical services. Previous Sanctuary/ Harm Reduction experience helpful. This team primarily collaborates with First Aid and Rangers.

Positions available: Co/Assistant Coordinator(s)

========== SOUND:
This department gently enforces PDF’s sound policy overnights.  Being a night owl and having a good relationship with DJs are helpful.  We are looking for an offsite coordinator knowledgeable in sound physics to assist with Sound Camp Applications and City Planning. Onsite, this team collaborates with Rangers to when there is a need to de-escalate conflict.    

Positions available:  Co/Assistant Coordinator(s)

========== TECHNOLOGY:
Please email for opportunities.

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