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Provide a concise title that clearly conveys the Important, Interesting, and Unique idea you wish to share with the audience.
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Provide a succinct and compelling summary of your Idea Worth Spreading. TED Talks are about the audience, not the speaker, so please highlight what about your idea will stimulate their curiosity and self-interest.
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What new, unconventional, or counterintuitive shift in thinking or behavior does your idea promote? How does it diverge from current thinking, practice, or research? What aspects of the idea are uniquely yours?
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How will you successfully make a case for your idea? Clearly outline the progression of concepts and examples (stories, peer-reviewed data, correlations, etc.) you plan to present.
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Whom is your idea for? Describe the people who will most directly benefit from your idea. Please be as specific as possible. If applicable, also describe the people who need to implement or pursue your idea for those benefits to be realized.
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For the audience you just described, what question are they currently asking for which your idea is a new and more effective answer? What goal are they trying to achieve, what need are they trying to meet, or what problem are they trying to solve? Please phrase as a question what your audience would realistically ask.
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Have you presented this talk before? If yes, please explain when and where.
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