Recovery Reach Out by Healthyezsweet
If you enjoy following @healthyezsweet on Instagram for inspiration in your eating disorder recovery, or benefit from the blog posts at Healthyezsweet Life, you may be interested in Recovery Reach Out. Recovery Reach Out is my newest idea, meant to serve as a personal coaching service to help you reach your recovery goals quicker, build positive body image, and discover true self love.

Please fill out the survey below to let me know what you would consider the most helpful and worthwhile from a recovery coaching program!

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If you answered 'Yes' to 1:1 Skype sessions with Cayanne, which type would you prefer?
If you answered 'Yes' to a private Facebook community for Recovery Reach Out members, what would you like it to include? (Please select all that apply!)
Are there any other features or services you'd like out of a recovery coaching program?
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