The Linkedin Benchmark

Why :
There is a golden rule on Linkedin: The more views your profile gets the more likely you will have a lead. A lead could be a job proposal, a business proposal, an invitation to present, etc....

How do you know how well you are doing compared to other profiles and if have you received a Linkedin notice that you belong to either the top 1% (2 Million) or the top 5% (10 Million) or the top 10% (20 Million) - how do you know how well you rank within this group of millions ?

Therefore I have created this benchmark survey to help you to get a feel for your ranking.
The survey is anonymous, but optional you can leave an url to your profile. If will see the results of all survey participants after filling out the required first two questions.

Detailed Report Request:
If you want to recieve in the future a very detailed report of this benchmark please send me an email to
or go to Continuous Learning & Development:
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