3UK SIM Top-up/Add-On procedure
We can TOP-UP any valid 3UK (Three.UK) SIM Card. When selecting the Top-up be sure that your SIM Card is applicable to the 3UK SIM Add-on package. 3UK Pay as you go has two type of prepaid SIM Card. The All-in-on valid for 30 days and ThreeMBB (mobile broadband) valid for 12 months (12GB ) and 24 months for ( 24GB). All-in-on TOP-UP convert to Add-On for 30 days is much cheaper compare to ThreeMBB SIM.While on board your family or friends can process this form
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VOUCHER PIN or Add-on conversion:
a)Please send proof of payment ( screenshot) VIA e-mail or to our FB messenger : SHORE-ACCESS MARINE
b) Shoreaccess will send 16 digits Voucher Number immediately once proof of payment is received and we can convert to Add-on package.
Add-on package conversion guide:
You have an option to convert the TOP-UP to Add-on by your own, please follow the following guide.

Activation method 1 : Activation Your TOP-UP and Convert to Add-on:
1. Dial 444 from the phone you would like to top up.
2. Make sure you have your Three top up voucher code ( purchased from shoreaccess) at hand.
3. Choose the option Top-up with a voucher and follow the instructions.
4. When asked, enter the 16-digit voucher code and you're done!

Activation method 2: Using our Web top-up option below link by entering the number you’d like to top-up, selecting Voucher, then following the on-screen instructions. Your family or friends can activate the Add-on from voucher (16 digits) purchased from Shoreaccess.

Activation web page : https://www.three.co.uk/web_top_up

NOTE : We can also process the TOP-UP and convert it to Add-On , just let us know the time and date you wish to Activate the Voucher PIN.

Payment procedure:
How to Pay:
METHOD 1 : Express PADALA Receiver ( VIA Palawan Express, LBC , Cebuana and others)
MOBILE NUMBER: 0955-210-1132 

METHOD 2 : BANK Remittance: ( PESO)
BANK :Bank of the Philippine Island ( PE
BENEFIICIARY :Arturo S. Canoza Jr
ACCOUNT NO. 06-4920-6481
TYPE :Savings
MOBILE NO:+63-933-862-7632
BENDFICIARY :Arturo S. Canoza Jr.
ACCOUNTNO: 0003-4024-0865
TYPE Savings
METHOD 2 : BANK Remittance: ( USD $)
BANK :Bank of the Philippine Island ( USD $)
BENEFIICIARY :Arturo S. Canoza Jr
ACCOUNT NO.: 0644018763
TYPE :Savings
MOBILE NO: 09189596186
BENDFICIARY :Arturo S. Canoza Jr.
ACCOUNTNO:   105800130419
TYPE Savings
PAYMAYA or GCASH Payment: Beneficiary ARTURO CANOZA; MOBILE NUMBER: 0956-301-4876
7/11 Convenient accept G-Cash and PayMaya payment service.

Please link you Credit /Debit Card to PAYPAL.
send your payment : paypal@shore-access.com
Or https://www.paypal.me/SHOREACCESS ( Just Enter the amount to be paid)

Note: Please send your Mobile number in our facebook : SHORE-ACCESS MARINE or email to process the TOP-UP.

HOW TO LINK Your Credit/ Debit Card (Visa/ Master Card ) to PayPal.
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