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TiE is the world’s largest not-for-profit organization committed to promote entrepreneurship globally through mentoring, motivating, networking and educating. TiE was founded in 1992 in Silicon Valley by a group of successful entrepreneurs, corporate executives and senior professionals with roots in the Indus region. TiE New York was formed in the late 90s and it has since evolved into a broad entrepreneurship platform, bringing together a powerful global network to its membership. TiE members are entrepreneurs and professional with an interest in entrepreneurship, either in a start-up context or within a corporation. TiE currently has over 8,500 members and more than 2,500 charter members in over 60 chapters across 17 countries. Worldwide TiE members have built thousands of companies; they employ tens of thousands of people and have created billions of dollars in wealth.

Dedicated to the virtuous cycle of wealth creation and giving back to the community, TiE’s focus is to generate and nurture the next generation of entrepreneurs. To fulfill this mission, the organization has created programs to energize and inspire its constituents. Locally these include our networking events, our featured speakers events, TiE-NY Angels, TyE (TiE Young Entrepreneurs) Program, Charter Member exclusive events, and our newest program: TiEcon New York! Charter Members get free access to the TiE-NY Angels program as well. In addition to our local events, TiECon, the world’s largest professional conference for entrepreneurs that takes place every year in Silicon Valley, attracts some of the most successful people from around the globe. Additionally, TiE Global has launched to online platforms TiE Link and MentorMatch to directly link members together across the globe!

TiE Charter Members (CMs) are the “brain trust” of the organization. A subset of Charter Members serves as the board. Charter Members nominate prospective board members and elect them for two-year terms. The board in turn elects the President of the chapter, also for a two-year term. CMs are welcome to observe board meetings, and participate in the elections every December.

Charter Membership is a highly privileged, by invitation only, position. It is reserved for successful entrepreneurs who have reached a stage in their professional lives where they are ready, willing and able to contribute to fellow members in the form of stewardship, mentoring and making connections, while giving back to the local community. In turn, TiE CMs benefit from one of the most powerful network of likeminded individuals allowing them to develop business and personal relationships, both locally and globally. Globally TiE CMs include well known CEOs and professionals, Venture Capitalists, Entrepreneurs and leading thinkers. They come from a variety of industries including but not limited to Information Technology, Telecom, Life Sciences, Financial Services, Real Estate, Entertainment, Academics, Medicine, Healthcare, CleanTech, Law and Venture Capital.

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