Artist Request for Work (Art Wall @ Buchanan)
The purpose of this form is for artists to request permission to paint one of the 6 designated warehouse doors at 124 S. Buchanan St., Lafayette, LA. Once this form is completed, please wait for further instructions from Freetown Studios on how to proceed. Note that no artist should paint at the Art Wall without appropriate permissions.
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The artist will agree to abide by the rules and restrictions of using the wall. The following rules will be communicated to the artists before use: • Keep it clean – Keep the wall and surrounding areas clean. Leave no waste behind including cans or other refuse. • Only apply paint to your designated area. Never apply paint on the ground or on other objects surrounding the wall. • Keep your colors beautiful – No insulting remarks or anything offensive expressed in your art. No violence. NO EXCEPTIONS. • Work starts at daylight, and ends at sunset (unless otherwise permitted by Freetown Studios). No Exceptions!
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