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The Residents' Association is led by volunteer residents from the Downtown Boston neighborhood. The Leadership Team and Committees provide leadership and direction and are responsible for advancing the Association's key objectives. We look forward to your participation on a committee of interest.
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Committee Descriptions
We anticipate that committee involvement will require ~2 hours of time investment per month (combination of meeting, emailing, and a few phone calls). Committee descriptions are included below for reference and are also available on the website (

The Parks & Open Spaces Committee partners with stakeholders to address opportunities and challenges related to parks and open spaces in and surrounding Downtown Boston, including the Boston Common (the nation’s oldest public park), that are frequented by residents, visitors, and tourists year-round.

The Zoning & Licensing Committee interfaces with proponents, stakeholders, and various zoning and licensing boards to promote smart and responsible residential, business, and economic development in Downtown Boston. In addition to meeting with proponents and their advisors to review projects and provide feedback, committee members serve on Impact Advisory Groups for various neighborhood projects and developments.

The Public Safety Committee partners with law enforcement, elected officials, residential buildings, and other stakeholders to promote public safety and address underlying challenges in and around Downtown Boston, including the Boston Common and subway system. While the neighborhood has made significant progress over the past several years, crime and drug use continue to impact the quality of life in Downtown Boston.

The Parents & Children Committee looks out for the unique needs of our youngest residents and works to ensure that Downtown Boston continues to develop into a family-friendly neighborhood. Priorities include:

*Coordinating with the Parks and Open Spaces Committee, Public Safety Committee, Leadership Team, and stakeholders to ensure that the health and well-being of Downtown children are protected and enhanced
*Ensure that Downtown children have access to open spaces, play spaces, and age appropriate playgrounds. Currently, there are no dedicated Downtown playgrounds, libraries, or public schools. The Tadpole playground on the Boston Common is wonderful in many ways; however, it is not appropriate for mixed ages (e.g., 2 y/o vs. 5 y/o)
*Attracting additional childcare, enrichment facilities and businesses to Downtown
*Creating opportunities for parents and children to connect

The Social Committee is responsible for planning a wide-range of social activities, ranging from socials and holiday sing-alongs to local restaurant spotlights and walking groups. The Committee also partners with area stakeholders, including neighborhood theaters and universities, to curate and promote special events such as candidate forums and lecture series.
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