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A marketplace where independent sellers get the support that they need to grow their businesses, an environment that fosters creativity and innovation and most of all, a group of like minded individuals chasing their dreams!
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We request that all applicants register with us at saffron
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Your shop name will appear in your direct URL ( as well as within your shopfront and next to each of your listings on The Saffron Souk. Your shop name should be memorable and easy to spell and pronounce. It should also reflect your products and your brand.
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We need this information to determine if you meet our curation policy. We currently only accept shopkeepers who are located with the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), which includes, Bahrain, Kuwait, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates. It is fine for you to open a store outside of this region, as long as you have a representative within one of the GCC countries who will be dispatching your products.
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Help us understand your products by telling us a little more about them so we can ensure that you are the best possible fit for The Saffron Souk. Tell us a bit about what makes your brand so unique, and why you want to partner with us. For example, are the products you plan to sell made by you? Tell us any other details that are important to note?
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At The Saffron Souk you can sell artisan products sourced from all over the world. In order to assess your brands fit within the community and for our record purposes, please tell us the country of origin of the products you plan to sell.
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Are you registered for VAT? *
It is mandatory for all sellers at to be VAT compliant. You must register for VAT if your annual turnover is greater than than AED 375,000 but you are not required to be registered for VAT if your turnover falls below this threshold.
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It would help speed up the approval process if you could provide us with a link to an active website or social media page (Facebook, instagram account etc)
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I agree to The Saffron Souk's Terms of Use & Shop Curation Policy *
I have read and agree to The Saffron Souk's Terms of Use and The Saffron Souk Shop Curation Policy. The Saffron Souk cares about customer service. All The Saffron Souk shopkeepers shall provide the best possible customer experience. All products & product imagery shall be representative of your brand and shall not be illegal, offensive, stolen or unsafe. The exchange of personal details (email addresses and phone numbers etc) is against The Saffron Souk's terms and strongly discouraged – both for your own security, as well as in the very unlikely event of a dispute we can help mediate between buyer and seller. It also ensures that any potential customers remain within your shopfront, which is where you want them to be, shopping.
I agree to The Saffron Souk's fees* & understand the support they provide. *
The Saffron Souk's fees are*: No joining fee or subscription fees | Free listings that can be renewed for free every 4 months | Success fee sales commission items sold Key membership services of The Saffron Souk's shops include: Ability to set up your niche brand online, within a legal and supportive environment | Your own customised shopfront, with about section, specific shop polices & social media links | Your own specific URL (web address) e.g. | Payment gateway with credit card, debit card, paypal and cash on delivery | Direct message system (buyer = seller) | Ability for customers to provide reviews | Online stock taking | Shop analytics (your most popular products, shop views etc) | Ability to add ‘tag words’ to listings to help with internal and external searchability | Ability to customise a listing (e.g. add size, colour and set quantity) | Ability to have same item listed in various sizes with varying price (e.g. A3 print & A4 print) | Ability to offer gift wrapping & personalised note service | Ability to share your shopfront & product listings directly to your social media accounts (pinterest, twitter, facebook, instagram) | Ability to offer various shipping options (including pick up) that are customised to suit you | Ability to go on vacation mode. Potential buyers can view your products, but they cannot be added to their cart; they are prompted to sign up to receive a notification mail when your store is back open | Preferential shipping rates for UAE based shops with FedEx | Inclusion within The Saffron Souk’s social media posts, press releases, gift guides, blogs, newsletters and mailers | Option for exclusive, paid value-add shopkeeper advertising to increase your shopfront exposure (coming soon).
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