SQL Training Class (For Accountant)- FREE SEAT
This training class is suitable for freelance accountant, accounting firm & account clerk or assistance.

You will be given the opportunity to use SQL Account or SQL Payroll to perform the most critical tasks in this 3 hours hands on GST training session.

In this session : We will train how accountant using the faster way to do the entry. Besides, we will also announce new services to help accountant increase the income and decrease their workload.

For those who interested to become free accountant are welcome to join this training class.


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Now we have organize an SQL Accounting/Payroll Class which is suitable for everyone to attend. New user or Experience SQL Accounting/Payroll Software user are welcome. University student, accountants, and SQL user are welcome to attend. You will be given the opportunity to use SQL Account/Payroll to perform the most critical tasks in this 3 hours hands on training session.

**Itinerary may slightly differ on actual day.

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